Neither country proverb nor King’s command could keep me from the woods, today.

Princess Lily made her way through the woods for the first time in several days, singing softly to herself.  She no longer came to the woods as often as she once did— a choice that she did not regret… but for the fact that it meant that her visits with her true love, and beloved, Jack, were fewer and farther between..

But today was different.  Today, Jack had promised her—PROMISED her that the Unicorns— the only two in the entire world, had returned to the forest.  It was three years since the last time she had seen them, when….  Well.  This time would be different.. 

She did not intend to go too close to them—she would not approach unless they came to her… if she was lucky, perhaps she would at last be able to make amends with them both for all the pain, and chaos her recklessness had caused when they first met..

That was her sincerest wish.   Certainly, THIS time… nothing bad could possibly happen..

After all, Darkness had been defeated, hadn’t he?

Hadn’t he?